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T3 Alaska Summer Program Kicks Off with “Intro to T3 Experience”

We are excited to kick off the UAF Upward Bound/T3 Alaska Summer Program June session next week! Introduction to T3 Experience, held June 2-29, welcomes students who have completed grades 8-10 and are new to the Upward Bound and T3 Alaska programs. This session has three strands that explore earth monitoring sensors, drones, and makerspace equipment.

The experience is a powerful journey for the students. Students reside for three weeks on campus at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and explore the university setting. They will learn new skills daily, make friends, and thrive in a transformative environment. Students also have a week of in-the-field experiential learning with off-campus for place-based learning. They shine at these opportunities by applying new skills to address real-world needs. Part of this process is engaging with community partners, a cornerstone of the program and student experience. Students are always very excited about bringing the knowledge back to their communities to share.

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In the Makerspace strand, students explore 3D design, 3D printing, laser cutting, and other manufacturing technologies in a Makerspace setting. They will apply these skills to address real-world needs and create opportunities for their communities. Those interested in drones acquire flying expertise and utilize geographic Information System (GIS), a computer system that analyzes and displays geographically referenced information, for land surveying and mapping operations. This component includes processing and presenting drone images and data to meet community needs. Lastly, in the remote monitoring sensor strand, students develop skills in setting up real-time sensor networks, incorporating cameras, weather stations, and more. They will learn about computing, power systems, networking, and hardware involved in these systems and apply these skills to implement solutions in their communities.

“I’m excited to bring all our students together for this four-week program. Our program spans Alaska and is a great way to bridge communities and cultures. The program tailors to give students a safe environment to learn and grow, bringing this knowledge back to their communities.” says Adam Low, Director of T3 Alaska.

About Upward Bound
The Upward Bound Program is a federally funded program designed to assist low-income, first-generation high school students. The program aims to improve high school graduation rates and increase the number of graduates who enter colleges and universities. It consists of an academic year program and a summer residential program.

About T3 Alaska
T3 Alaska provides select sites with an adaptable STEM framework and network of support to learn technology, grow leadership characteristics, and connect students to community partners. This pathway provides students with personal growth, job market skills, and a tangible means for our future leaders to meet the challenges to their communities.

Media Contact:
Brian Reggiani
Interm Director UAF Upward Bound
Alaska T3 Alliance Director of Student Engagement
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Cell (907) 947-7208

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