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T3 Alaska Program

Join the T3 Alaska Program

The T3 Alaska program is open to all students from participating schools. Enrolled students gain access to mentorship, peer and professional networks, travel opportunities, and Makerspace technology, including drones, Raspberry Pi computers, and 3D printers.

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Student users RPi computer to create her project.

What’s Next

We’re so glad you joined! Your next steps are to get connected with others and start learning new skills. The best way is to  take these three next steps:

  1. Sign up to Discord – Discord is a channel that connects you to coaches and other students. You can ask questions, share your projects and learn what others are working on.
  2. Get started on a badge – Badges are earned by learning about a technology and getting new skills. Some badges allow you to get certifications and credentials. If you have certifications, you can go on trips and they also look great on a resume!
  3. Join a Club – We’ve got four statewide clubs: Energy, Earth Observation, Drone, and Makerspace. Joining a club is fun way to connect with others outside of your school and learn cool new things!

Sign Up Forms

When there is an upcoming event this is the form you’ll need to complete to attend.

Mini Grants

Mini-grants are available to individual students, or team of students, for projects that are centered around solving a community problem. Some examples include a sensor to measure air quality in your community, a mural for your dorm to boost happy feelings from those that see it, a new dog toy you designed for the animal shelter, etc. Apply for up to $300 grant for materials and supplies!

Apply for Mini-Grant
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