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T3 Alaska Program

T3 Alaska program provides a badging system to assess competency-based skill development. Both high school and college students can earn badges which culminate into certifications. Certifications can be used to demonstrate job readiness, improve internship placement, and provide authorization to use equipment at other locations. Students who earn badges have more travel and participatory opportunities.

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Student with Course Badge in laser cutting.

Drone Certification

  • Provides training and badging for first-time fliers up to professional
  • 5 sequential badges that build up to FAA Part 107 Commercial Drone Pilot’s license

Makerspace Certification

  • Includes CAD Design, 3D Printing, Laser Cutting, CNC milling, and more.
  • Credential recognized in all T3-affiliated Makerspaces in Alaska and beyond

Raspberry Pi / Computing Certification

  • Badges that demonstrate basic computing and networking

Energy / Weatherization Certification

  • Sequential badges that teach microgrids, energy, and practical weatherization
  • Aligned with credit-bearing UAF Home Energy Basics course

Remote Monitoring / Field Skills Certification

  • 9 sequential badges that build up to Alaska Earthquake Center (AEC) “Basic Field Skills Certification”
  • Includes training in remote power systems, remote telemetry, sensor installation, etc.
  • Certification can lead to internships and employment at AEC and peer organizations.

Mariculture Pathway

  • Badges and curriculum in development
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