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T3 Alaska Program
Students tour T3 Alaska partner Cordova Electric Cooperative.

T3 Alaska positions students for successful placement in meaningful careers through a multidimensional strategy. Starting in the classroom, students earn badges to develop in-demand technical skills. Students work through sequential course work culminating in certification and credentials that are transferable to internship positions and career skills.

T3 Coaches assist students with completing paperwork for post-secondary education, including FASFA and scholarship applications, along with resume writing. Students practice interviewing techniques and are provided essential feedback to improve verbal and written communication.

T3 Alaska partners with community experts, opening avenues for student-led place-based learning opportunities. These connections provide students with industry knowledge, present real-world place-based problems, and help industries grow qualified professionals. Seniors have access to community experts to work on their senior projects. Community partners also provide opportunities for summer and academic year internships directly related to their field of study.

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