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T3 Alaska Program

T3 Alaska training centers are educational and creative hubs complete with Makerspaces and access to T3 Coaches. T3 Alaska has developed 17 training centers serving grades 8-12.  Students are encouraged to engage in T3 Alaska educational opportunities within these safe spaces, employing play-based and project-based learning.

T3 Coaches manage the program, oversee badging coursework, and fulfill mini-grant applications. T3 Coaches employ certified volunteer student lab mentors to support the program and gain work experience. T3 Alaska training centers align with local community partner initiatives to open additional internship and problem-based learning opportunities.


T3 Makerspaces are safe learning environments where students exercise their creative and technological skills. Makerspace equipment may include 3D printers, laser cutters, drones and more. Students utilize T3 Makerspaces for art, studying, and projects that solve community problems. T3 Makerspaces are run by trained teachers and school leaders who provide guidance and training, both with projects and technology.

Visit the UAF Makerspace website to see more about what these spaces can provide for students.

Visit the Makerspace Website
Student use the makerspace to learn and complete projects.
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