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T3 Alaska Program

T3 Alaska Coaches
Are you looking to implement T3 Alaska programming into your school? Contact us to see how you can get involved with T3 Alaska.

Community Partners
Are you a business or organization that can provide students with resources such as subject matter experts, on-site tours, and/or problem based pitches? Or are you a researcher who would like to tap into a student-led data collection?  Please contact us to talk about partnership opportunities.

Industry Partners
Are you looking to invest in workforce development programs that bolster future leadership and align with your field of industry? Contact us to learn about the T3 Alaska workforce development goals and how we can provide opportunities for mutual success.

Out of State Institutions, Upward Bound Directors, Instructors and other educational leaders
Are you looking to implement T3 Alliance programming into your school? Contact T3 Alliance to see how you can become part of the national alliance.

We appreciate the financial support that goes directly to the students. Monies support curriculum development and support, technical equipment, and student travel. Thank you for your support.

Donate Funds

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