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T3 Alaska Program

T3 Coaches can find many of the needed resources on AirTable, a centralized database with dashboard links to important documents and data.

T3 Alaska Airtable Resources

Questions or need help with Airtable, Contact Tate Barhaug, UAF Makerspace Manager.

Adult Event Attendance Application form (to attend events)


Electrical Engineering and Circuitry

Raspberry Pi Tutorials

Badge Curriculum – Find coach resources to teach students badge requirements.

  • 3D Printing
  • CAD
  • Energy
  • Laser Cutting
  • UAV

Badge Assessment – Badge assessment forms with list of competencies are available for download. Submit badges to central Airtable here.

Google Drive Resources


Coach Resources 

Makerspace – Recommended list of items in makerspace and general cost.

Marketing & Outreach

  • Generic and site T3 Flyers to encourage students to sign up for STEAM Fests, UB, T3 Alaska and club meetings.
  • Customizable Parent Letter

Student Resources

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