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T3 Alaska Program

T3 Alaska program is founded on three pillars:
Growth Mindset, Technology Skills, and Community Engagement

Growth Mindset

I don’t know how to…yet.

We believe that with an open mind anyone can learn new skills. We instruct students on how to develop an open mindset so that they can acquire STEAM skills. In a safe learning environment students can explore new technology and think creatively to solve problems. A Growth Mindset removes internal inhibitions and opens new avenues to solve problems.

Technology Skills

Makin’ cool stuff at Makerspaces.

We create Makerspaces –  technology rich, safe learning environments – where students can engage in the “P4BL” learning model. Students acquire technical skills and design processes to gain in-demand technological skill sets positioned for meaningful careers.

The P4BL model encompasses:

  • Play-based learning – Learning that takes place while experimenting without expectations
  • Project-based learning – Learning that occurs when students are giving a specific task(s) with a clear outcome
  • Problem-based learning – Learning that occurs when students are given information and they use processes to define a problem, brainstorm, iterate, and prototype a solution.
  • Place-based learning – Learning that occurs when students collaborate with a community partner and use problem-based learning on an issue located within their communities.
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Community Engagement

Strengthening my community.

Central to our vision is a strong connection with local communities. We work with community partners to provide opportunities for students to apply their knowledge and solve real world problems. Partners share their industry knowledge and present a problem to students. Students use their growth mindset and technical skills to discover possible solutions.  In turn, communities are strengthened from having a creative, skilled and vested workforce.

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