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T3 Alaska Program

T3 Earth Observation Symposium Student Project Presentations

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The Alaska Earthquake Center (AEC) and the T3 Alaska Earth Observation symposium will bring together high school students from sites around Alaska who have participated in the Earth Observation Club to present their community projects. The four-day event will include a peer-facing symposium with student presentations, AEC Field Skills Credential Training, remote site visits, and limited participation in the Seismological Society of America conference.

This event will provide an end-of-year finale event for students participating in the Earth Observation Club to celebrate their learning and their accomplishments within the club, as well as an opportunity for in-person training related to the AEC Field Skills Credential. The final day of the event, students will attend the international Seismological Society of America conference where they will share with and learn from with scientists.

Symposium: April 27- May 1, 2024

University of Alaska Anchorage
Allied Health Services Building
Room: AHS 106

Presentations: Sunday, April 28th | 5:00-6:30pm

Projects being presented:

  • Shishmaref – sea ice camera and seismometer/infrasound for breakup monitoring
  • Chevak – river erosion timelapse camera
  • Quinhagak – permafrost degradation with soil temp probes
  • Bethel – flood monitoring with Raspberry Pi and Sonic distance sensor
  • North Pole – atmospheric radiation monitoring with Raspberry Pi
  • Lower Yukon (KCA) – weather station install
  • Seward – speedometer and camera trap  with radar for speeding in school parking lot
  • Sitka – landslide monitoring with seismic and infrasound
  • Wrangell – bear viewing camera in remote location with power, comms, and bear-proof housing.
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