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T3 Alaska Second Summer Program “Advance Community Engagement” Launches

The UAF Upward Bound/T3 Alaska Summer Program session, “Advanced Community Engagement,” launches in early July at the University of Alaska Anchorage campus.

Students attending the July program already experienced the founding principals Teaching Through Technology “T3” philosophy – growth mindset, technology skills, and community engagement. Their journey takes a more advanced approach to exploring topics related to technology, within three contexts: climate, ocean, and energy. All students embark at UAA for instruction, followed by a week of experiential learning in the field, and then continue on to the University of Alaska Fairbanks where they will process their findings.

The climate strand collaborates with experts and community leaders to comprehend the factors influencing our communities and develop impactful solutions for climate-related challenges. Soil and water conservation fieldwork takes place in McCarthy at the Wrangell Mountains Center.

Oceaneers embrace the vast coastline of Alaska by diving into ocean science and acquiring the hands-on skills necessary to explore and develop these opportunities. Our students explore a wide variety of concepts from mariculture and plankton tow, earthquakes and oil, harbor water quality and settlement plate. We are grateful for the many community partners that provide access to a comprehensive field of experts.

Energy continues to be at the forefront of Alaska research and development. Our energetic students uncover the force that binds us all by delving into community microgrids, research facilities, renewables, and essential technologies. In Kotzebue, our future leaders learn to propel our communities toward sustainability, reliability, and resilience.

“I am always impressed by the students who participate in the July program. Our valuable partners have so much to share with them, and the students really lean into their contributions to help their communities. This group is moving toward gradution and I’m excited to see how they bring their learning forward in education and careers.” says Adam Low, Director of T3 Alaska.

As students continue their journey with T3 Alaska program, they learn new skills, make connections, and thrive in a transformative environment. The student experience culminates at the Student Project Presentations July 23d where they present their summer work to an audience of peers and professionals.

Students also have a week of in-the-field experiential learning with off-campus for place-based learning. They shine at these opportunities by applying new skills to address real-world needs. Part of this process is engaging with community partners, a cornerstone of the program and student experience. Students are always very excited about bringing the knowledge back to their communities to share.

About Upward Bound
The Upward Bound Program is a federally funded program designed to assist low-income, first-generation high school students. The program aims to improve high school graduation rates and increase the number of graduates who enter colleges and universities. It consists of an academic year program and a summer residential program. For more information on UAF Upward Bound program visit the website at

About T3 Alaska
T3 Alaska provides sites throughout Alaska with an adaptable STEM framework and network of support to learn technology, grow leadership characteristics, and connect students to community partners. This pathway provides students with personal growth, job market skills, and a tangible means as future leaders to meet their communities’ challenges. For more information on T3 Alaska, visit our website at

Media Contact:
Michelle Spillane
Director UAF Upward Bound
Alaska T3 Alliance Director of Student Engagement
University of Alaska Fairbanks
(907) 488-3761


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